Who Says BC’s Election Is a Bore?

There’s plenty at stake, say 18 groups who shared their agendas with The Tyee. Add your voice!

By Allison Griner, April 16, 2013, TheTyee.ca

As the writ is signed heralding the start of the provincial election period in British Columbia, some are calling this a less than exciting contest given the sizeable lead held by the NDP. There’s more than one way to measure political buzz, though. The prospect of a new government has many groups elbowing each other aside to state their agendas and get candidates on the record before voting day.

The Tyee asked organizations around the province to tell us what in their view is at stake in this contest. Answers flowed in from environmental organizations, business councils, public interest advocates and more. Below are the responses we received.

But before we get to them, a request. We encourage you to join those voices, posting a comment at the end of this article explaining why the outcome of this election matters to you.

What is at stake? Here are 18 perspectives…

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