Daphne Bramham: We should know political candidates’ positions on important issues

Just because they don’t want to talk about them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask the tough questions

By Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun columnist April 12, 2013

Sadly, Kim Campbell, Canada’s only female prime minister, was right about one thing: Elections are not a time when politicians want to engage in serious debate.

But they’re supposed to be. They are supposed to be an opportunity to ask the local candidates where they and their parties stand. They are supposed to be a chance for citizens to put issues on the public agenda rather than just being buoyed along by party agendas. And elections are supposed to provide a chance to challenge and question candidates seeking our support before we make our final decisions.

Of course, politicians try to duck and weave rather than say something that will “cost” them at the polls. But that doesn’t mean we should quit asking hard questions.

With that in mind, here are five issues not likely high on any party’s agenda, but ones I would like to hear candidates address before the May 14 provincial election…

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