• The decade-long hollowing out of the public education system through budget cuts is having consequences for BC children, and is especially harmful for low income children who most rely on public resources.
  • Growing numbers of special needs students can’t get the supports they need in school, school libraries are closed, and class size are growing.
  • Reliance on parent-paid fees and fundraising has created have and have-not schools, and has increased inequality within the public education system. For low income students, the result is often exclusion from full participation in school activities.
  • BC had the highest student/educator ratio (16.6 students per educator) in Canada in 2009–10, considerably higher than the national average (14 students).

Q: If elected, will your party commit to restoring funding levels to public schools to eliminate the need for school fees and parent fundraising for basic supplies and equipment such as playgrounds? 

Q: If elected, what will your party do to decrease class sizes? 
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