• If BC had kept the same levels of taxation that we had in 2000, we would have $3.5 billion more in annual revenue.
  • BC’s economic performance since 2001 has NOT been stronger than the decade prior to the large tax cuts.
  • If BC collected the same level of personal income tax revenues as a share of GDP as the other provinces, we would have $2.4 billion more every year.
  • $2.4 billion in additional revenues would be enough to fund:
    • The construction of 2,000 units of new social housing per year;
    • Significant welfare benefit increases;
    • The first phase of a universal child care plan;
    • Investments in community health care for seniors & people with disabilities;
    • Ministry of Children and Family Development budget increases;
    • An increase in post-secondary education funding;
    • A substantial increase to environmental protection;
    • AND restore K-12 class sizes, composition and specialist teachers to 2008 levels. 
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