Community groups, organizations and individuals can all play a role in putting child and youth issues on the election agenda by engaging in activities such as:

  • Sharing First Call’s Election Toolkit and materials.
  • Contacting local candidates and seeking support for our issues.
  • Assisting others to learn about the election process and exercise their right to vote.
  • Providing feedback to First Call on meetings with candidates and local coverage about child and youth issues.
  • Building working relationships with other community organizations through information exchange and joint activities.
  • Voting and reminding your friends and family to vote!

The media momentum that builds during an election period offers an excellent opportunity to bring our issues forward and to seek both public and political party support. The activities posted below provide some ideas about how to bring our issues forward and ensure that the broader community becomes more aware of the needs of children, youth and their families during the election campaign.

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