Meeting with individual candidates is an opportunity to let the candidates know who you are and how they can best support children and youth and their families.

  • Call the candidate’s campaign manager, or your MLA’s constituency office if the nominated candidate is currently a government member.
  • Introduce your group or organization and ask for a brief meeting to outline your issues and hear their positions.
  • Have a pre-meeting with your team to decide the issues you want to bring forward, what questions to ask, etc. You can use the 4 keys and the questions in this toolkit as a guide.
  • Offer background information on the work of your group or organization and the other community resources needed to support children and youth and their families.
  • Keep notes, leave information and be non-partisan in your approach.
  • Try not to leave without some form of commitment to our issues. As we prepare to work with a new government and new MLAs, it will be very helpful to have some foundation of support upon which to build a post-election strategy.
  • Send a brief thank you letter to the candidate with your appreciation for any agreements reached during the meeting.
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